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Each year, the United States government is required to give away free money to citizens and residents of the United States. More than $50 billion dollars is given away every year to individuals and businesses in the form of free grants. This money often comes in the form of small business grants and can be used for almost any purpose – including to buy property, start a business, buy equipment, pay expenses, etc.

The government has special programs set aside for small businesses and business start-ups that are designed to assist in business development, revitalization and administration by providing funding for businesses through government grants, loans and other sources of funding.

Will The Economy Affect My Chances To Get A Government Grant?

Not at all! Regardless of the current economic conditions, there is always a lot of government money available. A huge chunk of this money has been reserved for government grants and loans to help assist business start-ups as well as existing businesses. Every administration makes it a goal of theirs to provide money for small businesses through the Small Business Administration (SBA), and other forms of government funding such as grants and loans, particularly for business owners.

Am I Eligible to Receive Government Grants?

As long as you live in the United States and are a citizen or resident you are eligible to receive a free government grant. Many state and federal Government agencies are legally mandated to give away a portion of the tax money they collect each year in the form of government grants. Our goal is to educate the public about government grants because only about 15% of available grants and loans for small businesses are even applied for! This is great news for you and the process to apply takes only a few minutes. It’s free money – Why not claim it?

Do These Government Grant Programs Cost Money?

That depends. By definition, a grant is free government money that never needs to be paid back. However, there is generally a cost involved in trying to research your grant proposal and to have it written. Some people will try to save money by writing the grant proposal themselves, but the results are generally not good. A well written grant proposal will have a heavy influence on whether or not you are awarded the grant. Trying to take shortcuts when it comes to the actual written grant application is never a good idea.

The government is trying to give money away to entrepreneurs in order to boost the economy by providing the means for small business owners and business start-ups to get their business off the ground. Do you have a great idea for starting a business, but lack the money to make it a reality? Then maybe a government grant is just what you need.

Government Business Grants

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